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Project & Construction of fenced areas

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The shot trophies are very important for each hunter.

Only the individual approach of employees of our hunting club will allow You to prolong Your hunting passion and to make of the trophy, shot by You, really a creative product of the best quality, which can decorate any interior.

The individual creative approach, fascinating photo gallery of various trophies, cooperation with artists, sculptors, the best taxidermists worldwide, using the newest technologies all it allows to satisfy even the most exacting collectors of trophies.

You can order preparation of Your trophies, having chosen in our catalogue the model, You like, or telling us Your wishes. Our taxidermists will prepare Your trophies according to Your wishes.

On Your order our manager will contact You in the shortest time, will come to You at any time, convenient for You, will register the order, will take raw trophies from any place (also from the airport), that You haven't to waste Your time, and as soon as  Your trophies will be ready, they will be delivered to You.

Our employees know, that each hunter wants to share his impressions with his friends after arrival from successful hunting. And everyone wants to boast of the shot trophy more quickly. If You inform us about Your planned hunting in advance, we guarantee to make the preparation of Your trophy in the shortest time.

You will need then, only to place Your trophy in Your trophy room, where it'll be a subject of Your own pride and a subject of envy for those, who hasn't had time to shoot such exemplar yet.

Even if You are not a hunter, but You want to decorate an interior of Your house or Your office or You want simply to make a present, then You have an opportunity to purchase or order by us any trophy, You wish -
 in detail>>

We shall take off all Your cares in occasion of transportation, making legal export
/import documents and preparation of Your trophies, arrived from any point of the world.
Your trophies will have the documents according to the requirements of the Washington convention, which Russia has also joined.

If You've shot a record trophy, we shall help You to register it in SCI.


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