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hunting for the siberian IBEX 

Hunting area:  in the mountains of the Tuva Republic

Objects of hunting: the Siberian ibex

Additional: It’s also possible to hunt in the hunting grounds for the Siberian roe deer, a maral, a bear, a wolf, a moose, a wild boar, a musk-deer, a capercaillie and a black grouse.

Methods of hunting: stalking with using binocular, during the whole day. 2 hunters will be accompanied by the professional hunting guide (2:1).

Duration of the tour: 10 days

Hunting season:
    The Siberian ibex: October – November
    The Siberian roe deer: from 25. August – the end of October
    Maral: September – December. The best time for hunting: the end of September – the beginning of October

Optimal number of hunters in the group: 2 persons

Transfer: air flight Moscow – Ufa – Kyzyl or Moscow – Krasnoyarsk – Kyzyl

Transfer to the hunting grounds: by helicopter (if wanted) or by car, further – on horse through the mountain pass

Transportation during the hunt: by cross-country vehicles, on horse, walking

Accommodation: in wooden hunting cottage with oven. In the mountains in the hunting grounds – in a tent.

Price of the tour: organizational costs – 300 euros per hunter
                                                             150 euros per non hunter
                             service – 150 euros / hunter / day
                                           75 euros / non hunter / day
                             if the group consists only of one hunter, additional payment – 150 euros

The price of the tour includes:
- visa support
- weapon and ammunition permit
- transfers airport (Kyzyl) – hunting grounds - airport
- accommodation and meals in the hunting grounds
- permits and licenses for hunting
- hunting guide (2:1)
- transportation during the hunt  
- horses (if necessary)
- field preparation of trophy, preparation and packing for transport
- documents for transportation of trophies (veterinary certificate)

The price doesn't include:
- flight Moscow – Ufa – Kyzyl and back or Moscow – Krasnoyarsk – Kyzyl and back, payment of luggage
- insurance
- translator for the group during the tour – 150 euros per group a day
- transfer by helicopter – 2200 euros per hour per group. Prices are changeable.
- liquors, including beer and cigarettes
- taxidermy services

Price of shooting:
the Siberian ibex – 1800 euros
the Siberian roe deer – 600 euros
maral – 1500 euros


In case of  the animal will not be exposed to the hunter on a distance of the guaranteed shot (no more than 300 m) during the hunting tour, the cost of a trophy should be returned to the hunter.

In case of exhibiting of a trophy animal twice on a distance of the guaranteed shot (less than 300 m) and missing or ungrounded refusal of the client to shoot the hunting for this particular animal is finished and the company’s obligations are fulfilled. The cost of a trophy won’t be returned.

In case of wounding of animal the hunting guide and the hunter have to undertake all necessary actions for its detection.

If the wounded animal will not be found within 2 days, searches will be stopped, the company’s obligations are fulfilled, and the cost of a trophy won’t be returned.

The hunting tour can be prolonged and the hunter can make another shot which will cost according to the price-list.


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