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Hunting area: Magadan region

Objects of hunting: the Kamchatka brown bear - the largest subspecies of a brown bear, dwelling in Russia.
Average weight: 250 kg - 320 kg, the maximal sizes of the Kamchatka brown bear - 400 kg. The color of skin can be different: from coal-black up to straw-colored with whitish tones.

Terms of hunting:

spring brown bear hunt, when bears wake up after hibernation:
30. April - 12. May

spring brown bear hunt on the coast of the Okhotsk sea:
12. May  24. May (depends on weather)

Coastal hunt:
27. May 08. June

Duration of the tour: 13 days

Optimal number of hunters in the group: 3 - 4 persons

Conditions and methods of hunting: transportation during the hunt by snowmobiles (the end of April the beginning of May), by helicopter or motor boats (the end of May the beginning of June), by detection of an animal - stalking, hunting from approach on a distance of a guaranteed shot. Each hunter will be accompanied by the professional hunting guide.

Transfer: air flight up to Magadan

Transfer to the hunting grounds:

- meeting at the airport, transfer to the hunting grounds by helicopter

Transportation during the hunt:
by snowmobiles (the end of April the beginning of May)
                                                     by helicopter or motor boats (the end of May the beginning of June)

Accommodation in transitory airports and cities: in a hotel

Accommodation in the hunting grounds: very simple conditions, in hunting lodge, equipped with oven or in tent camp on coast of the river, where bears appear after hibernation. Meals will be cooked according to Your wishes. 

Price of the tour: 11 900 euros / hunter / tour

Hunters should have the following equipment:
- sleeping bags
- waterproof and not blown clothes
- rubber boots
- boots
- warm underwear
- personal medicines (if necessary)
- protective means from the sun
- sunglasses

- hygienic lipstick
- caps
- gloves

The price of the organization of hunting includes:
- visa support
- weapon and ammunition permit
- meeting and seeing-off at the airport
- transfer the airport - hotel - the airport
- transfer to the hunting camp and back (including helicopter flights)
- accommodation and meals (three hot meals a day) in the hunting grounds in a tent camp
- services of the professional hunting guide, interpreter, cooks, the other personnel
- the organization of hunting for a bear and the right of shooting
- use of snowmobiles/motor boats
- documents, necessary for hunting (licenses and permits)
- primary processing, preservation and packing of trophies

- all necessary export documentation for the trophy (CITES, veterinary certificates)

The price doesn't include:
- air tickets up to Magadan and back, payment of luggage
- accommodation and meals in a hotel
- additional shooting of a bear 6500 euros
- additional excursions
- liquors, including beer and cigarettes
- additional expenses in Moscow (meeting  and seeing-off - 200 euros per group), if necessary.


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