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Hunting FOR MARCO Polo sheep And Mid-asian Ibex
in Kyrgyzstan

Hunting area: 600 km from Bishkek, in mountains Tyan-Shan, at the height of 3000 - 3500 m, in Naryn and Issyk-kul areas. Hunting for ibex - in Chuysk area.

Weather conditions: conditions of
high mountains are characterized by rarefaction.




day 00C - +100C
night -50C - 00C

Hunting season: October – 15. February

Duration of the tour: 10 - 12 days

Optimal number of hunters in the group:
2 – 3 persons

Transfer: air flight up to Bishkek

Transfer to the hunting grounds: up to the hunting base - by car (8 - 10 hours), it’s also possible by helicopter

Transportation during the hunt: by cross-country vehicle, riding on horses, on foot

Methods of hunting: by horseback, from approach or driven hunt, accompanied by the professional hunting guide. The ways of the approach will be determined on base of many factors. The exhibiting of a trophy animal should be made 3 times on a distance of the guaranteed shot (no more than 300 m).
Most Kyrgyzstan hunting trips are based from horse back due to the immense amount of country to be covered for successful hunt. Expect extensive horseback riding 8 - 10 hours a day and considerable walking. Some knowledge and experience with horses and riding is a must. During the day You will explo
re the upper edges of the mountains, glassing the hillsides and feeding areas. A temporary tented camp is set up with the specific goal of hunting a particular animal or area. Rams are generally located in remote country at 4000 m. Once the trophy is spotted You complete Your stalk on foot. Physical condition is an important factor for stalking during the hunt.

The shooting of an additional trophy is possible, but You'll need to get a new nominal license on place.


In transitory airports and cities: before air flight to Moscow - spending the night in a hotel in Bishkek.

In hunting grounds: in the hunting base, in hunting lodges, tents or yurtas. All of camps are provided by the electric power. Connection with the city is carried out on a portable radio set and satellite phone, during hunting connection is supported by means of portable radio stations. Three meals a day. There is a professional hunting guide, a doctor, a cook and auxiliary workers in the camp.

Price of the tour: 20 000 euros / hunter / tour with the right of shooting of 1 Marco Polo sheep and 1 Mid-Asian Ibex

The price of the tour includes:
- visa support
- insurance
- weapon and ammunition permit

- meeting and seeing-off at the airport in Bishkek
- accommodation in a hotel in Bishkek
- transfer up to the hunting base and back
- services of the professional hunting guide, cook, the other personnel
- accommodation and meals in the hunting grounds
- transportation during the hunt: by car, by horseback
- documents, necessary for hunting (licenses and permits)
- the organization of hunting for Marco Polo sheep and Mid-Asian ibex and the right of shooting
- primary processing, preservation and packing of trophies
- all necessary export documentation for the trophy (CITES, veterinary certificates)

The price doesn't include:
- flight Moscow – Bishkek – Moscow, payment of luggage
- liquors, including beer and cigarettes


Phone + 7 926 211 85 21