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hunting in Khabarovsk region

Hunting area: 200 km to the north-east of Khabarovsk. Troickoye.

Weather conditions: typical spring weather during thawing a snow. In the afternoon - sunny. At night – light frost.

Objects of hunting: the brown bear (in spring after leaving the lair). Here dwells a large Priamursky bear. Average weight: 250 kg - 320 kg.

Methods of hunting: usually from approach by motor boats, often rafting. The large number of bears allows the hunter to choose a worthy trophy.

The decision of shooting should be taken by the hunter. The hunter has the right to make three shots on the chosen animal, and the opportunity of a shot on distance of 200 m is set off even at refusal of a shot.

In case of wounding according to the Russian rules of hunting the hunting guide stops hunting and together with the hunter takes all necessary actions for the detection of the wounded animal, the hunting for this particular animal is finished and the company’s obligations are fulfilled.

Duration of the tour: 10 days

Terms of hunting:  from 15. May and from 25. May. This is the best time for hunting, because bears leave their lairs at this time.

Optimal number of hunters:   3 - 4 persons

Transfer: air flight up to Khabarovsk

Transfer to the hunting grounds:

- meeting at the airport, transfer to the hunting grounds by minibus (3 hours)

Transportation during the hunt:
by motor boats and by cross-country vehicles

Accommodation:  very simple conditions, in small wooden hunting houses with kitchen and a bath, build on coast of the mountain river, in which valley bears go down from mountains after hibernation.
Meals will be cooked according to Your wishes. 

Price of the tour: 7000 euros / hunter / tour (group of 3 hunters)

The price of the tour includes:
- visa support
- weapon and ammunition permit
- the license for shooting of a brown bear
- transportation during the hunt
- accommodation and meals
- professional hunting guide
- shooting of a brown bear
- primary processing of a trophy (wet-salty preservation)
- the veterinary certificate

The price doesn't include:
- air flight Moscow – Khabarovsk – Moscow
- cost of transportation of a trophy Khabarovsk -  Moscow and further
- accommodation in Khabarovsk  in a hotel (if necessary)  –  100 euros
- CITES (200 euros per person)

- liquors, including beer and cigarettes


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