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siberian brown bear

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Hunting area:
own hunting ground in the Kemerovo region on the border of Khakassia, situated between the rivers Usa and Tom, northeasterly from Mezhdurechensk. The area of the hunting ground is 240 000 hectares. There are mountains, cedar and fir woods there. In the territory of the hunting ground don’t live people. There are no roads there. It’s possible to reach the hunting ground only by boat across the waterway.

Weather conditions: sunny by day, frosty by night.

Objects of hunting: Siberian Brown Bear. They are smaller than Kamchatka Brown Bears, but larger than European Brown Bears. However it’s a large bear with a body length of 2,5 meters, to 1,5 meters tall on hind legs. Average weight of male: 400 – 500 kg and female – ca. 300 kg. The exceptionally large Siberian brown bear can weigh over 750 – 800 kg. They have a constitution, typical for brown bears, with a compact and brawny trunk, long and strong limbs and a massive head. They have long dense fur that is usually dark brown, though it may be cinnamon, pale brown, yellowish brown or even black. Their legs are often darker than the rest of their body.

Methods of hunting: hunting is possible from sunrise to sunset - in the high sun, i.e. in the meadows, freed of snow, during the feeding time of bears, where they come to nibble fresh green grass.

Duration of the tour: 7 days (including 5 days in the hunting ground).

Terms of hunting 01. May – 20. May

Optimal number of hunters in the group: 3 - 4 persons


Direct flights from Moscow to Novokuznetsk. Everyday. Departure from Moscow – in the evenings. Arrival in Novokuznetsk – at 5 – 6 o’clock early in the morning. Departure from Novokuznetsk to Moscow – at 6 – 7 o’clock in the morning.

Transportation of hunters to Mezhdurechensk (120 km) takes no more than 2 hours (as a rule, no later than at 8 o’clock in the morning hunters should be on the spot).

Transfer to the hunting ground: from Mezhdurechensk by motorboat across the river Usa.

Transportation during the hunt: by motorboats; ski; stalking. By detection of an animal - stalking, hunting from approach on a distance of a guaranteed shot.

Accommodation: hunters and the service staff will live in stationary tent camps. Tents are provided by the organizer.

Price of the tour: 3000 EUR. All inclusive: from the airport to the airport in Novokuznetsk.

The program of stay:

- Arrival in Novokuznetsk. Meeting at the airport at 5 – 6 o’clock early in the morning.  

- Transfer to Mezhdurechensk (120 km, it takes ca. 2 hours).

- Arrival in Mezhdurechensk (as a rule, no later than at 8 o’clock in the morning). Breakfast in a restaurant in Mezhdurechensk (it usually takes ca. 1 hour).

Hunters can leave superfluous things, unnecessary during the hunt, and value at the office of the hunting agency, just a five-minute drive from pier.

The second option (for saving of time): at once after arrival in Mezhdurechensk to take boats and to go upstream, to stop anyplace in the hunting ground approximately in one hour for organizing breakfast and compulsory trial shot (the rifle will be adjusted).

Hunting conditions: one motorboat + necessary camp and hunting equipment + products will be allocated to each hunter. Each hunter will be accompanied by two professional hunting guides.

Each hunter must have necessary equipment suitable for movement through the mountainous terrain and also through the thawing small rivers and streams.

Each hunter must take with himself or order acquisition:
- personal rug
- sleeping bag for extreme conditions, to -15 °C (it’s frosty in the mountains)
- i
nflatable head rest pillow
- bedding
- it’s recommended to take with a warm sports suit with a hood (thermo cloth).

During the hunt hunting guides will work as guides, porters (of general equipment) and cooks (hunter will carry his own equipment himself or the organizer can employ a baggage porter by his order for additional charge).

The weight of equipment and products is limited to the absolute minimum. During the hunt they take with only not heavy dry products. For cooking they use eco-friendly plants and meat, got in the taiga.

Unforgettable impressions are guaranteed. It’s impossible to describe. It’s necessary to experience!

The price of the tour includes:
- meeting and seeing-off at the airport in Novokuznetsk
- transfer the airport - Mezhdurechensk - the airport
- transfer to the hunting ground and back (by motorboat, it takes ca. 5 – 6 hours)  
- accommodation and meals (three hot meals a day) in the hunting ground (tent camp)
- use of motorboats
- fuel for motorboats and power stations
- documents, necessary for hunting (the license, veterinary certificates)
- shooting of a brown bear
- primary processing, preservation and packing of trophies

The price doesn't include:
- visa support
- weapon and ammunition permit – 150 EUR per person
- additional expenses in Moscow (meeting  and seeing-off – 200 EUR per group) - if necessary
- CITES – 200 EUR per person
- flight Moscow – Novokuznetsk - Moscow, payment of luggage
- baggage porter (if necessary)
- liquors, including beer and cigarettes
- taxidermy services


In case of  the animal will not be exposed to the hunter on a distance of the guaranteed shot (no more than 300 m) during the hunting tour, the cost of a trophy (1000 EUR) should be returned to the hunter.

In case of exhibiting of a trophy animal twice on a distance of the guaranteed shot (less than 300 m) and missing or ungrounded refusal of the client to shoot the hunting for this particular animal is finished and the company’s obligations are fulfilled. The cost of a trophy won’t be returned.

In case of wounding of animal the hunting guide and the hunter have to undertake all necessary actions for its detection.

If the wounded animal will not be found within 2 days, searches will be stopped, the company’s obligations are fulfilled, and the cost of a trophy won’t be returned.

All cases mentioned above are registered in the hunting protocol.

The hunting tour can be prolonged and the hunter can make another shot which will cost according to the price-list.


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