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Hunting area: Ust-Kamchatka area at the Elovka river.

Weather conditions:
day   +10˚
Ρ - +15˚Ρ
night   +5˚
Ρ - +7˚Ρ
Possible rains, fogs.
Duration of light day - 9 hours.

Objects of hunting: the Kamchatka brown bear - the largest subspecies of a brown bear, dwelling in Russia. Average weight: 250 kg - 320 kg, the maximal sizes of the Kamchatka brown bear - 400 kg. The color of skin can be different: from coal-black up to straw-colored with whitish tones.

Terms of hunting: from 01. September

Duration of the tour: 13 days - 03. September – 15. September (including day of arrival and day of departure).

Optimal number of hunters in the group: 3 - 4 persons

Conditions and methods of hunting: transportation during the hunt by cross-country vehicle, motor boats, on foot, by detection of an animal - stalking, hunting from approach on a distance of a guaranteed shot.

The program of stay:

The 1. day - meeting at the airport, accommodation in a hotel.

The 2. day – transfer by bus to Esso (8 - 8,5 hours), a dinner on the way, flight by helicopter to the hunting grounds (approximately 1.10 hours).

The 3. -10. days - hunting, using the cross-country vehicle, motor boats, on foot. Each hunter will be accompanied by the professional hunting guide.

The 11. day - transfer by helicopter from the hunting grounds to Esso, then by bus to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (8 - 8,5 hours), a dinner on the way. Accommodation in a hotel.

The 12. day – free day, excursions.

The 13. day - transfer from the hotel to the airport.

If hunters wish, it’s possible to leave the hunting grounds earlier by the preterm ending of hunting.

Transfer from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky up to the hunting grounds is also possible by helicopter (up to Esso – 2 hours, up to the hunting camp – 1.10 hours, the  helicopter comes back to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky). In this case hunters pay in addition approximately for 7 - 8 hours of flight by helicopter at the rate of 1950 euros per hour. 

Hunters should have the following equipment:
- sleeping bags
- waterproof and not blown clothes
- rubber boots

- boots
- warm underwear
- personal medicines (if necessary)
- protective means from the sun
- sunglasses
- hygienic lipstick
- caps
- gloves
- necessarily waterproof bags/rucksacks for final packing of trophies

Accommodation in a hotel:

- Accommodation in hotel B-K-T****
(is located in a zone of rest Paratunka, there are 4 pools with thermal water, a sauna, billiards and others):
- lux room – 455 euros
- room of the first class – 280 euros
- standard room with more conveniences  – 155 euros
- standard room – 126 euros
- Accommodation in hotel "Petropavlovsk":
- lux room – 167 euros.
- room of the first class – 132 euros
- standard room – 112 euros

The price of the tour:

- the organization of hunting – 2200 euros per person
- cost of a trophy – 3500 euros (it’s paid after shooting)

- cost of the helicopter – 1950 euros per hour per group

The price of the organization of hunting includes:
- visa support
- meeting and seeing-off at the airport
- transfer the airport - hotel - the airport
- transfer Petropavlovsk-Kamchatksky – Esso and back
- accommodation and meals (three hot meals a day) in the hunting grounds in a tent (yurta) camp
- services of the professional hunting guide, cooks, the other personnel
- use of motor boats and the cross-country vehicle (if necessary)
- fuel for transport vehicle and power stations
- documents, necessary for hunting (the license, veterinary certificates)
- primary processing, preservation and packing of trophies

The price doesn't include:
- air tickets up to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and back, payment of luggage
- services of the helicopter company

- accommodation and meals in a hotel
- additional excursions
- liquors, including beer and cigarettes
- CITES (200 euros per person)
- weapon and ammunition permit  (150 euros per person)
- additional expenses in Moscow (meeting  and seeing-off - 200 euros per group), if necessary
- translator (if wanted, up to 80 euros per group a day).


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