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Hunting area: Yaransk area of the Kirov region, 750 km from Moscow, the main base is located not far from the village Vysokovo – hunting farm "Safari". The staff of the hunting farm consists of the qualified employees, capable to organize individual and collective hunting with rendering all kinds of the services, connected with the organization of hunting tours.

Objects of hunting: European moose in mating
In free time it's also possible to hunt for a capercaillie and a black grouse, al
so for geese and a drake, stalking, using models and false ducks, hunter’s whistle and gun-dogs.

Duration of the tour: 5 - 7 days

Maximum number of hunters in the group: 4 persons

Terms of hunting: 10.Septenmer - 20.September

The hunters will be brought to the hunting grounds accompanied by the professional hunting guide (quite often taxidermist), who solves from their name all the questions, concerning organization of hunting and further processing of trophies.


- by the comfortable tourist bus with all convenience, that will allow the companies of friends 
to communicate
  from the moment of departure;
- by train up to Joshkar-Ola, where hunters will be met and transferred up to the place of accommodation  and
  hunting (1 hour - by car).

- comfortable boarding-house;
- small house (a sleeping room, a dining room and a kitchen), partial convenience, bath (banya) and toilet

The price of services: 3000 euros / hunter / tour

In case of  the animal will not be exposed to the hunter on a distance of the guaranteed shot during the hunting tour, the cost of a trophy - 1500 euro should be returned to the hunter.

In case of exhibiting of a trophy animal on a distance of the guaranteed shot and ungrounded refusal of the client to shoot the hunting for this particular animal is finished and the company’s obligations are fulfilled. The cost of a trophy won’t be returned.

In case of wounding of animal the hunting guide and the hunter have to undertake all necessary actions for its detection.

If the wounded animal will not be found within 2 days, searches will be stopped, the company’s obligations are fulfilled, and the cost of a trophy won’t be returned.

The hunting tour can be prolonged and the hunter can make another shot which will cost according to the price-list.  

The price of the services includes:
- visa support

- weapon and ammunition permit
- preparation of hunting
- meeting in Joshkar-Ola, transfer from Joshkar-Ola to the place of accommodation and hunting and back
- accommodation and meals in the hunting grounds
- licenses and permits
- organization of hunting for an elk in mating 
- hunting for a goose and a drake, using models and false ducks (in free time)
- transportation during the hunt
- services of professional hunting guides and gun-dogs
- primary processing of a trophy by our taxidermist
- necessary export documents

Price of shooting:
- a capercaillie  – 200 euros
- a black grouse – 100 euros

Price of additional shooting:
- a capercaillie  – 150 euros
- a black grouse – 50 euros

The price of the services doesn’t include:

- air tickets up to Moscow and back, payment of luggage
- transfer by train Moscow - Joshkar-Ola - Moscow
- liquors, including beer and cigarettes.


Phone + 7 926 211 85 21