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Hunting for geese
on the coast of the BarenTS sea

nting area: goose hunting in places of natural dwelling (nesting) and flight on the coast of the Barents sea - Sengeysky gulf in the Nenets autonomous region.

Objects of hunting: bean goose, white-fronted goose, barnacle goose, Canada goose and different subspecies of northern duck.

Conditions and methods of hunting:
Spring and autumn: a goose and a drake "on flights"

Stalking, using models and false ducks, hunter’s whistle and gun-dogs.
The range of seats - no more than 1 km.
Services of professional hunting guide.
Transportation to the seats by snowmobiles or deer gear.

Duration of the tour: 7 days

Terms of hunting: spring
- from 17. May
                             autumn - 25. August - 10. October

From the middle of June we also offer fishing tours on the spawning rivers: a salmon, a hunchback salmon, a loach, a grayling. It’s also possible to go with the stream on a canoe.

Optimal number of hunters in the group: 10 -12 persons

Transfer: air flight up to Naryan Mar

Transfer to the hunting grounds and back:

- meeting at the airport, transfer by helicopter to the hunting grounds

Transportation during the hunt:
transportation of hunters to the seats and back to the hunting camp - by snowmobiles or deer gear.

Accommodation in the hunting grounds: a hunting lodge, equipped with a gas cooker, WC, Russian sauna (banya).

services of a cook; three meals a day; national cuisine.

Price of the tour: 2 500 euros per hunter (group of 10 hunters)  

The price of the tour includes:
- preparation and organization of hunting for geese and drakes
- necessary documents (licenses, permits, incl. the entry permit of the border zone)

- transfer by helicopter the airport - the place of accommodation and hunting and back
- transfer the airport - hotel in Naryan Mar and back 
- accommodation and meals in the hunting grounds
- services of professional hunting guides and gun-dogs
- transportation during the hunt
- primary processing of a trophy
- packing of the trophies and preparation for the transportation

The price doesn't include:
- visa support, weapon and ammunition permit – 150 euros/person
- air tickets up to Moscow and back, payment of luggage
- air tickets Moscow – Naryan Mar –  Moscow
  (economy class – up 380 euros, business class – up 680 euros), payment of luggage
- liquors, including beer and cigarettes
- additional expenses in Moscow

The program of the tour

The 1. day. Arrival in Naryan Mar (at 14:55 from Moscow). Transfer by helicopter to the hunting grounds. Arrival, accommodation in a hunting lodge, supper. As there are “white nights” at the time and it isn’t dark, there’ll be an opportunity to adjust a weapon and to hunt.

The 2. - 5. days. Breakfast. Hunting for wild geese and ducks during the whole day with a break for dinner. In the evening - supper and rest. Russian sauna (banya) – on order. 

The 6. day. Breakfast. Hunting for wild geese and ducks on the coast of Barents sea till dinner-time. Dinner and preparations for the flight. Transfer by helicopter to Naryan Mar. Arrival in Naryan Mar. Accommodation in a hotel. Supper.

The 7. day. Breakfast. Transfer to the airport. Flight to Moscow.


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