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hunting for the siberian roe deer

Hunting area:  on the south-eastern coast of the Baikal Lake, near Ulan-Ude (3 – 6 hours by car): Zaigrayewskiy, Pribaikalskiy, Khorinskiy, Bichurskiy hunting regions. 

Objects of hunting: the Siberian roe deer

Additional: It’s also possible to hunt in the hunting grounds for a bear and the Manchurian wapiti (izyubr).

Methods of hunting: stalking, driven hunt and during the rut near the tracks. Each hunter will be accompanied by the professional hunting guide (1:1).

Duration of the tour: 7 days

Hunting season: August – October

Optimal number of hunters in the group: 4 persons

Transfer: air flight up to Ulan-Ude

Transfer to the hunting grounds: by car (3 – 6 hours by car)

Transportation during the hunt: by cross-country vehicles, walking


In transitory airports and cities:
in a hotel

in hunting grounds: in wooden hunting cottage with oven.

The program of stay:

The 1. day –  meeting at the airport. Accommodation in a hotel (if necessary). Transfer by car from Ulan-Ude to the hunting grounds (3 – 6 hours by car). Arrival. Accommodation. Trial shot (the rifle will be adjusted). Hunting - possible at the same day.

The 2. – 5. days - Hunting. Transportation during the hunt: by cross-country vehicles, walking. Each hunter will be accompanied by the professional hunting guide (1:1).

The 6. day – Transfer by car from the hunting grounds to Ulan-Ude. Accommodation in a hotel. Free day.

The 7. day -  Transfer from the hotel to the airport. Flight to Moscow.

Price of the tour: organizational costs – 300 euros per hunter
                                                             150 euros per non hunter
                             service – 200 euros / hunter / day
                                           100 euros / non hunter / day

The price of the tour includes:
- visa support
- weapon and ammunition permit
- insurance
- meeting and seeing-off at the airport in Ulan-Ude and transfers by car airport – hotel – airport
- transfers by car Ulan-Ude – hunting grounds – Ulan-Ude
- accommodation and meals in the hunting grounds
- permits and licenses for hunting
- the organization of hunting for the Siberian roe deer and the right of shooting
- hunting guide (1:1)
- transportation during the hunt  
- field preparation of trophies, preparation and packing of trophies for transport
- documents for transportation of trophies (veterinary certificate)

The price doesn't include:
- flight Moscow – Ulan-Ude – Moscow, payment of luggage
- accommodation and meals in a hotel
- cost of transportation of trophies Ulan-Ude – Moscow and further
- taxidermy services
- translator for the group during the tour – 150 euros per group a day
- liquors, including beer and cigarettes

Price of shooting:
the Siberian roe deer (additional) – 550 euros
bear – 2000 euros
the Manchurian wapiti (izyubr) – 1300 euros


Phone + 7 926 211 85 21