Introduction of wild animals

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"Dianaís hunting club" manufactures salt mineral licks and feed additives for wild animals, containing microelements and vitamins, necessary for healthy grows of wild animals  and maximum use of their biological resources.

There is a set of elaborations and publications concerning methods of feeding of wild animals. However we can select the most appropriate feeding stuff and type of ration depending on terrain and  wildlife habitat.

Application of feed additives, containing minerals and vitamins, is not only necessary for wild animals, but itís also profitable for owners of hunting grounds:

As a result of it hunting grounds receive improving of livestock productivity, gain in weight, boosting of immune system as well as reducing of wild animals migration.

As a result of complex feeding they receive improvement of trophy qualities, which attract hunters ready to pay more for record trophies.

Feeding of wild animals is an import key factor of increasing of hunting grounds efficiency as a whole, little used in Russian hunting grounds before, but yield positive results in farms abroad. 

Application of the mentioned feeding program calls into question usefulness of construction of fenced areas, especially in the hunting grounds, possessing large ground areas, because the cost of construction of fenced area and its maintenance is much more, than the cost of lost animals. It is necessary to consider the fact, that the correct placement of feeding cratches attracts animals to hunting ground from the outside. And the additional factor: hunting in the fenced territories is unacceptable for many hunters.


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