Introduction of wild animals

Project & Construction of fenced areas

organization , Restructuring  of hunting grounds




We've come to the idea of creation of the elite hunting club, providing a high standard of services and organization of hunting tours, brightly standing out against a background of hunting services, allocated in the hunting market, for some years ago, but it was possible to realize this idea only in 2001.

Worldwide the system of development of hunting and  fishing tourism moves forward by people, who take a great interest in this hobby.   In this connection   we have created the Society -
"Diana's hunting club", which has serious intentions to keep balance of man and animals in the world, to take care of preservation and multiplication of natural resources, to satisfy interests  of nature-lover, fans of tourism, hunting and  fishing.

We offer:

- cooperation  of all already created hunting organizations for opportunities exchange;

- concentration  of means for creation of new opportunities of realization of a hobby, and above all - functioning of such organization, which could receive inflow of money, that could be used not only for organization of hunting tours,  but also for purchase of new equipment, necessary for existence of the hobby.

Already now we shall successfully organize hunting and fishing tours worldwide. We cooperate with the most of hunting outfitters worldwide.

The first years of existence of the club worked the system of discounts for members of our hunting club, but over the years the club was transformed to a commercial company, which organizes hunting for any client, that’s why now we consider as members of our hunting club all our regular clients, which receive discounts for our services.

We have experienced staff and all necessary for preparation and organization of tours: from opportunity to assist the hunter in the choice of a kind and a place of hunting, even in the shortest time, to preparation of equipment, necessary traveling documents, also for abroad trips: visas, weapon and ammunition permits, import/export permits for transportation of hunting trophies, carrying out of calculations, preparation of trophies and processing of photo and video data.

The club has own
taxidermy workshop, meeting the requirements of veterinary authorities, that is confirmed by the veterinary certificate. The taxidermists of our workshop can make preparation of all kinds of hunting trophies, arrived from any region of the world, in short time and at a reasonable price.

Managers of our club can organize legal transportation of hunting trophies from abroad and abroad, providing the hunter with all legal export
/import documents and the veterinary certificate.

In our club we have experienced co-workers, who can speak English, German, Spanish and Polish, ready to accompany foreign hunters as professional translators and hunting guides.

The club has necessary equipment and technical equipment for the organization of hunting and fishing tours.

The club also provides consulting services in organizational and legal issues of organization and management of hunting grounds, including ecological and economic analyses, hunting husbandry.

Circumstances in hunting grounds in Russia have changed. It became difficult to get a good trophy during the hunt. There is only one way to change the situation: to help hunting grounds – our partners in wild animals breeding for increasing of wildlife population in hunting grounds. We organize introduction of wild animals in hunting grounds. We organize keeping of wild animals in fenced areas. We organize and carry out veterinary treatment of wild animals and fenced areas. We project and construct fenced areas. We manufacture and deliver salt mineral licks and feed additives for wild animals.


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